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Lip Smacking … Forbidden!

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Ok. So, this post got its original title stolen by My First Purple Script but as far as eye-catching post titles go, I try with this new one, huh? *wink wink* So what exactly is lip-smacking good but so forbidden, it hurts just to have your mouth water? Help! Married men can’t seem to help being attracted to me! Seriously! Full gist …

Like I said in my first script, I’ve been doing some serious retrospection lately and came up with the following:

§ I haven’t had a serious relationship since … forever! Jeez man! That’s scary, innit?! By a serious relationship, I mean serious serious … like 1 year+ kinda serious. Yeah, it gives me the chills – and sleepless nights atimes, but hey! What should I do naa? Put up an ‘I’m Available’ billboard?! Funny enough, I once pulled that kinda stunt on FB and guess how many returns it yielded? 0! L

Anyways, I don’t fink there’s anything I can do bout that so; I always like to think … ‘Their loss’. Yeah right.

§ I always seem to be attracted to the wrong people … more on this in coming posts.

§ What’s with me and married men sef?! Ehn?!

I’m presently on the third guy (and counting) now! And by ‘on the third guy’, I mean … oh! get ur mind outta the gutter! The funny thing is I find myself feeling their vibes too … ‘especially this third guy! Man! He’z hawt! ... at least, for a married guy. I find myself doing most of the calling (just to say hi, just to hear his voice), sending texts (just to wish him a great day) and thinkin’ about the dude 25/7! No, I didn’t come on to him … we sorta came on to each other, seriously. That’s unlike Married Guys #1 and #2 … who I eventually started feeling.

So, this third guy, the chemistry was instant and it was a case of sparks-at-first-sight! Initially, I had to form and caution myself cuz he’s ma boss (as in Boss Boss!) and I ain’t a fan of Office Romance much less ‘Oga-Junior Staff’ Romance! And then, I started going with his flow, hiding behind the shield of distance. I was like ‘We can’t exactly date with so much physical distance between us …’ Then, the Voice of Caution spoke … ‘Brakes!’ … and I had to create some emotional distance … L

Yeah, I know it’s wrong, karma and all, but what am I s’pposed to do? Ehn? Shoo them off?! Hey! I don’t get toasted on the regular; shouldn’t I at least enjoy the attention – while it lasts?!? I don’t let it go too far, I promise – at least, I try … hey! I gats a conscience. But, it does get far most times. Like when I first told Married Guy #3 …

P. Streak: Hey, I can’t date you.

M. G. #3: Why not?

P. Streak: You are off limits … you are married.

M. G. #3: So, are you saying you woulda considered me if I wasn’t?!

Smart Ass!

Married Guy #1 was (almost) that smart but I was (way) ahead. Went through his phone once and saw that I wasn’t the only one he was ‘hopelessly in love with’ – his words, not mine. Yeah right. And besides, he had such bad MO! that that first kiss became the one and only in a space of seconds! As for Married Guy #2, he is sooo on-again, off-again, it’s crazy! The oaf is particularly off-again when he’s with family, which reminds me of the title I’ve become … The Other Woman. Ouch!

This is another reason I’m not too keen on dating married men. I gats a conscience and it’s not even something I should be proud of. What’s the way out of this my dilemma sef? Can’t we just be good friends? Who am I lying to? We both know we don’t want that …

My Dear Married Man, I can’t give what you want.

Single Men, would you bring your desired butts over here?!?!

Deliciously Not!

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My world of today is fraught with a gazillion misconceptions especially for young ladies like myself who are just starting life that sometimes, *sigh* I'm not so sure of what is really really right and what is really really (really!) wrong. There goes (or shall I say 'went'?) ma furst misconception … Did you catch it?! Sheesh! Guess not? For you that wasn't really paying attention … 'What is wrong? and What IS really really really wrong?!?!' Now you see what I'm talking about, huh?

Recently, a' been viewing ma life in retrospect and honestly, more than 75%! were not such a pretty sight. I blame no one but maself, honestly, but most times, I have also thought … 'Hey! It really ain't all o' me that makes me, ya? 'They' have a share of za blame(s) too, innit?! I mean, I am what I am today not of my own sole input …' U catch ma drift? Please say you do? …

I really hope my teaser's got you started – and hooked! Please say yes!

Hi, my (pen) name is Purple Streak and, yes!, I wish to remain anonymous for as long as I possibly can! This is ma renewed blog and I really hope I remain faithful this time. This time around, I really wanna retrace ma steps backs to ma furst lurv – writing. A' really luv'd writing as a kid – hadta pick it over drawing! Eventually, my writing stopped looking like a last resort, a helpless choice and started looking more like an escape route, my own new world!

More to come …

That said, let's get this show on the road!


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