Friday, January 22, 2010

Lip Smacking … Forbidden!

Posted by Purple Streak at 6:44 PM

Ok. So, this post got its original title stolen by My First Purple Script but as far as eye-catching post titles go, I try with this new one, huh? *wink wink* So what exactly is lip-smacking good but so forbidden, it hurts just to have your mouth water? Help! Married men can’t seem to help being attracted to me! Seriously! Full gist …

Like I said in my first script, I’ve been doing some serious retrospection lately and came up with the following:

§ I haven’t had a serious relationship since … forever! Jeez man! That’s scary, innit?! By a serious relationship, I mean serious serious … like 1 year+ kinda serious. Yeah, it gives me the chills – and sleepless nights atimes, but hey! What should I do naa? Put up an ‘I’m Available’ billboard?! Funny enough, I once pulled that kinda stunt on FB and guess how many returns it yielded? 0! L

Anyways, I don’t fink there’s anything I can do bout that so; I always like to think … ‘Their loss’. Yeah right.

§ I always seem to be attracted to the wrong people … more on this in coming posts.

§ What’s with me and married men sef?! Ehn?!

I’m presently on the third guy (and counting) now! And by ‘on the third guy’, I mean … oh! get ur mind outta the gutter! The funny thing is I find myself feeling their vibes too … ‘especially this third guy! Man! He’z hawt! ... at least, for a married guy. I find myself doing most of the calling (just to say hi, just to hear his voice), sending texts (just to wish him a great day) and thinkin’ about the dude 25/7! No, I didn’t come on to him … we sorta came on to each other, seriously. That’s unlike Married Guys #1 and #2 … who I eventually started feeling.

So, this third guy, the chemistry was instant and it was a case of sparks-at-first-sight! Initially, I had to form and caution myself cuz he’s ma boss (as in Boss Boss!) and I ain’t a fan of Office Romance much less ‘Oga-Junior Staff’ Romance! And then, I started going with his flow, hiding behind the shield of distance. I was like ‘We can’t exactly date with so much physical distance between us …’ Then, the Voice of Caution spoke … ‘Brakes!’ … and I had to create some emotional distance … L

Yeah, I know it’s wrong, karma and all, but what am I s’pposed to do? Ehn? Shoo them off?! Hey! I don’t get toasted on the regular; shouldn’t I at least enjoy the attention – while it lasts?!? I don’t let it go too far, I promise – at least, I try … hey! I gats a conscience. But, it does get far most times. Like when I first told Married Guy #3 …

P. Streak: Hey, I can’t date you.

M. G. #3: Why not?

P. Streak: You are off limits … you are married.

M. G. #3: So, are you saying you woulda considered me if I wasn’t?!

Smart Ass!

Married Guy #1 was (almost) that smart but I was (way) ahead. Went through his phone once and saw that I wasn’t the only one he was ‘hopelessly in love with’ – his words, not mine. Yeah right. And besides, he had such bad MO! that that first kiss became the one and only in a space of seconds! As for Married Guy #2, he is sooo on-again, off-again, it’s crazy! The oaf is particularly off-again when he’s with family, which reminds me of the title I’ve become … The Other Woman. Ouch!

This is another reason I’m not too keen on dating married men. I gats a conscience and it’s not even something I should be proud of. What’s the way out of this my dilemma sef? Can’t we just be good friends? Who am I lying to? We both know we don’t want that …

My Dear Married Man, I can’t give what you want.

Single Men, would you bring your desired butts over here?!?!



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