Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Romance ... With Words

Posted by Purple Streak at 10:04 AM

*edited post*

I read/heard somewhere that women are turned on by what they hear and men, by what they see (like that is news?!!?). I think know now that I don't (completely) belong to the class of human beings called 'women'. Reason? I'm (totally!) turned on by what I read – words. The fastest route to my heart ... Written Words! Remember my first and only love? Well, we started ... and ended L ... with words. The very words that held us together ... the (very true) words that were the foundation of our love ... Enjoy...

*Note: My words in Purple, my thoughts in Green and his words in Blue.



What am I doing awake? It is definitely not the movie but can it be him? It can't be. Really! We just met like what - some days ago? And here I am feeling like this! He's dropping hints now; but when he comes all out, what do I say then? Honestly minus sentiments, all that emotional constipation and stuff, can this be for real? Things are moving too fast and besides the odds are not in my favour.


He is Ok. Makes me smile laugh! There is always something to say. I didn't ask it to be like this, I didn't force it this time around, it just came – honest! Am I sure?! I dunno. But, he IS ok. Have I always wanted Ok or do I suddenly do? Geez! He's not all that but then ... He's the first - and I really do mean first that does not want the same ol' same ol' stuff - of course I dig!

The rate at which things are going, it could be anytime soon. Then what am I going to do? Someone once said 'if you have just one chance to be happy, grab it before it passes away'. What if I end up losing? What if I may not even be happy from the onset? What if he is for real? And I let him go? Geez! I don't know!


Myne Whitman on April 8, 2010 at 6:13 PM said...

Where are you? Hope you're cool?

Purple Streak on April 8, 2010 at 6:28 PM said...

hey myne! i;m ayt. u seen ma been on ma fb page lately ...? been finkin bout what i can and can not post on ma blog jare ... seeing dt i gats no 'anonymous' cloak ... what say u?


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